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Thr-Sat, May 12-14, 8pm

Z-Space, 450 Florida St., San Francisco, CA

 "The Least of Them"


Featuring new music composed/performed by Colm Ó Riain, Adam Starkopf , William Sammons & Josh Roberts, the David Herrera Performance Company seeks to examine perceived notions of identity that people have toward skin tone while challenging its audience to reflect and confront their own biases.   What drives communities to set up political, racial, and literal division lines between shades of brown, white, and black?  Is any one skin color really the least of them?  


Want a sneak peak? Enjoy this clip from one of my new compositions that I'll be performing live. 

The Least of Them - Sneak Peak! - Colm Ó Riain
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